STILL DREAMING Streaming Version

STILL DREAMING Streaming Version

STILL DREAMING is the multi-award winning true tale of several retired Broadway entertainers as they stage a comeback with Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. With a play that’s usually about young love, this over-80 acting ensemble finds that the themes of perception vs. reality resonate for them, and that creativity is a magical force of renewal.

Hailed by audiences everywhere, STILL DREAMING is a raucous adventure and a thought-provoking story that will leave you inspired to pick up that paint brush, or script, or pen, or any other creative project that you've been putting off!

Starring Ben Steinfeld & Noah Brody of Fiasco Theater, plus Broadway veterans Charlotte Fairchild, Aideen O'Kelly and Bob Evans. Also starring Joan Stein, Dimo Condos, Harold Cherry and acting newcomers Lynette Loose and Mary DePaulo.

STILL DREAMING Streaming Version

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    STILL DREAMING is a story that inspires us all to be more creative at any age. The filmmaking team is also passionate about helping us to engage with our elders and to...